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Turn your farming plans into reality with quick
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Pre-qualified up to $100,000

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Figured farmers know their numbers.
That’s why we’re keen to fund your farming ambitions

Getting access to working capital shouldn’t require a matching outfit and a trip to the bank. Figured Lending is on the job. Because we know you’re on top of your numbers. We’ve teamed up with Heartland Bank to give Figured farmers faster access to pre-qualified funding up to $100,000. It’s money in the bank – just like that.



Your loan could be approved within 24 hours*



No asset security required upfront to access up to $100,000 Figured funding



Only pay interest on funds used



Revolving credit facility with competitive floating interest rates as low as 10.95% p.a.

Finance products

Dairy Flexi Credit

Seasonal working capital facility for contract milkers and sharemilkers

Cover operational expenses, plant & equipment purchases, and unexpected expenses - and pay interest only on funds used.

Revolving credit from $10,000 - $100,000 to cover cashflow and unexpected expenses

Flexible term up to 12 months

Fast application and decision*

Funding possible within 5 working days from the date of signing*

No asset security required (GSA and personal guarantee required)

Available to Figured software customers - Dairy Sharemilkers and Contract Milkers (NZ only)

More Figured Lending products to come
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You must have an active Figured account and completed a 12-month forecast for the new season. 

To apply for a Figured loan up to $100,000, simply:


Add your 12 month cashflow forecast within Figured


Complete the application form (5 min, promise)


Your loan could be pre-approved within 24 hours*
* Heartland Bank’s lending criteria applies

The process was very smooth – once Figured reviewed our forecast and saw that we had the required sum of money in our account, they transferred the full loan amount.

Ryan Braddock
Contract Milker, Longstream Farms

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Why Figured?

We know that farmers are an ambitious bunch, keen to develop their farm, improve the way they work, and try new things. But it takes money, which is harder to get these days.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Heartland Bank and launched Figured Lending – to give farmers and their advisers smarter options for accessing new capital.

We think it makes complete sense. Because, as a Figured customer, we know that you’re on top of your numbers – and that gives us the confidence to finance your farming ambitions.

“Figured’s move into lending services for farmers is a logical step towards our vision for Figured as the financial hub to help farmers realise their financial - and farming - ambitions. We expect to add new lending products and services to give farmers more choices to access and manage capital.”

- Dave Dodds, Figured CEO

Don’t wait to get funding for your farm business.

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