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About Figured Lending

Figured Lending offers pre-qualified finance to customers of Figured who satisfy our pre-qualified funding criteria.

We’ve made the entire lending process quick and simple. Your loan application could be approved within 24 hours, with funds available in just 5 working days.*

Figured loans are undersecured - there’s no need to provide asset security to access up to $100,000 of funds.**

We currently offer the following products

*Heartland's lending criteria applies and timing is based on supporting documents being promptly provided

** A GSA and Personal Guarantee is required. Lending for any vehicle over the value of $5,000 is subject to an SSA.

Yes - Figured Lending is only available to Figured customers (new & existing). That’s because we know Figured farmers are on top of their numbers - and that gives us the confidence to lend them money. If you are not on Figured today we recommend you reach out to your accountant to check if their practice uses Figured. If you don’t have an accountant, you can find Figured advisers in their area on our Adviser Directory.

Yes, that is the plan. Secured lending will provide Figured farmers with the opportunity to borrow more. Get in touch to learn when it will be available.

No. Only pre-qualified NZ-based farmers can access funds through Figured Lending.


How it works

You need an active Figured account and must satisfy each of the conditions below:

  • Over 18 years old
  • Own a New Zealand business (with a valid NZBN/IRD)
  • You have access to an active Figured account on a Farm Reporter or Farm Manager subscription
  • You are a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident

  • Dairy Flexi Credit Only
    • You're a NZ dairy contract milker or sharemilker 
    • Provide a 12-month cashflow forecast to validate funding requirements and capacity for loan repayments
    • Show a copy of your employment contract - if relevant.Dairy Flexi Credit only
  • Halter, Invoice & Asset Finance only
    • You’re a farm owner & own the land

Applicants must also pass satisfactory AML/identify checks and demonstrate a satisfactory credit history on all business directors/guarantors. A GSA and personal guarantee is also required.

It’s easy! Just login to Figured and select Lending on your farms sidebar. You will then be required to fill in an application form, complete credit checks & provide any supporting documents. Once submitted all information is passed to Heartland Bank for approval.  You will then be informed of the outcome and Heartland will facilitate the loan setup, including AML checks, if your application is successful.

We expect to be able to inform you of your pre-approval status within 24 hours* from the time the application is lodged. We may require more information or supporting documents before providing this status and/or loan offer. In the event a loan application is denied, Figured will contact you to explain why.

Our current products provide undersecured funding from $10,000 NZD to $100,000 NZD*. You are able to apply for lending above $100K however it does not fall within our standard approval process, so a further review would need to be done which may take a little longer.**


Fees & Repayments

There is a one-off loan establishment fee of $500. No monthly fees.

Figured Dairy Flexi Credit is a revolving credit facility where there are no fixed repayments, however, a condition of the lending is that your monthly milk cheque must be direct credited into the facility. The facility must be repaid in full within the 12-month lending period.

Halter finance repayments can be made monthly, or matched to your seasonal cash flow*. Repayment are made via direct debit.

Asset and Invoice financing offer monthly repayment options via direct debit across the term of the loan.

You sure can. Repayments can be made at any time within the lending period.

No. You can decline our offer if that’s what you want to do.


Privacy & Security

Yes. We will conduct credit & identity checks during the application process on the business entity and all directors/guarantors. You are required to give consent during application for credit checks to be run.

Application information will be shared with Heartland Bank, our financial service partner, in order to provide the loan. Information will also be shared with Halter in order to facilitate your subscription (If applicable)


About Figured

We’re on a mission to help farmers become better financial managers. Providing farmers and their advisors with a smarter way to access and deploy capital is a key component of strong financial management.

We saw an opportunity for farmers, with their advisers, to use their farm data to streamline the loan application process. The same data also puts lenders in a stronger position to make more timely and accurate lending decisions.

Figured’s move into undersecured lending services is a logical step as we increasingly became a financial hub for farmers and their advisers.

No. Figured is not a bank. We are a financial management platform and digital services provider.

We have added lending to our portfolio of services to help customers save time and lower their financial administration overhead. To make this happen we have been vetted and approved by the DIA to offer loan origination services and financial products, provided by Heartland Bank.

Our financial services partner Heartland Bank pays us a margin for loans secured through our platform. Halter pays us a fee for distribution of loans (if applicable).

Don’t wait to get funding for your farm business.

Interested to find out more? Enquire now and we'll be in touch to assist. If you already use Figured, you can log in to your online account and apply directly within the app.

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